Is this an independent study?

    We commissioned the Queensland University of Technology to produce a property values study as it has undertaken numerous studies of this type for other Australian airports. The study is independent and is a rigorous analysis of objective and publicly-sourced data related to residential property values. It is one of the most comprehensive studies of its type ever undertaken in Australia. 

    Can I access the data that was used for the study?

    The study covered residential house sales for 62 suburbs in 19 local government areas. This includes 320,000 sales analysed during the 25 year study period from 1990 to 2015. The sales transaction data from this period is readily available and the study authors accessed this from Pricefinder and RP Data, two commercially available real estate transaction databases. The databases are based on the sale transfer data provided to the Victorian Government on settlement of all residential property sales, including the date of sale, sale price and property type.  

    How can you predict what will happen to property values under future flight paths that are not yet operational?

    Melbourne Airport has been growing over the past two decades. In the 25 year period that was used to assess the property values, aircraft movements have more than doubled from 102,000 annually to 250,000 annually. This helps to predict future trends. The study clearly shows that property values have continued to rise over time, even in areas affected by aircraft noise. It highlights that property values are influenced by a range of factors and that aircraft noise alone will not determine a property value. The study found that some suburbs exposed to aircraft noise have even experienced higher growth in value compared to non-affected suburbs.

    Why was this study done?

    The study was commissioned as part of Melbourne Airport's planning for the RDP. It is designed to help inform stakeholder and community consultation on the economic and social impacts of the RDP. It is one of a number of studies being prepared as part of the planning for the RDP. The findings from this study will be published in the Economic Impact Assessment chapter of the Major Development Plan for the RDP.