Why is a new hotel proposed for Melbourne Airport?

    Previous versions of the Melbourne Airport Master Plan have identified the need to increase the supply of hotel accommodation at the airport to support a growing number of visitors. The proposed new hotel will respond to visitor demand and support the airport in its role as an anchor employer and economic generator in the local region, including:

    · Provision of further amenities to civil aviation users including aviation businesses and all other users of the airport.

    · Provision of greater accommodation choice and diversity for aviation businesses, staff of the airport and visitors to the airport including business, tourist, international and domestic visitors.

    · Provision of significant employment opportunities for residents of the area including those seeking to return to work.

    There is strong justification for the need of this project with passenger growth projections expected to continue to grow strongly. A doubling of visitors through the airport and rapid growth in the number of businesses and other users in close proximity to the airport will drive ongoing growth in demand for hotel accommodation in and around the airport.

    Where will the proposed hotel be located?

    The proposed hotel is to be located on a site included within the Landside Main Precinct on the corner of Grants Road and Service Road at Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine. It falls within an area comprising a mix of aviation and non-aviation land uses and is identified within the Master Plan as the Melbourne Office Park. 

    How will be the building height of the proposed hotel?

    The proposed hotel will comprise two ten storey developments including ground floor and mezzanine providing guest facilities and services.

    What facilities are included in the proposal?

    Guest and service facilities in the proposed hotel include: ·  Ground level: a Hotel bar and lounge (developed around a courtyard); Restaurant (developed around a courtyard), Bar / café - Combined reception area for the two brands - Back of house areas such kitchen, storage. ·  Mezzanine: Public meeting room; Back of house and staff amenities. ·  Level 1: Pool and roof top garden space accessible only to guests, and a gym ·  Levels 2 to 10: Hotel rooms

    How will car parking be managed?

    The Preliminary Draft Major Development Plan includes details of pick-up/drop-off areas to be provided on the site’s northern boundary which will be accessed via Grants Road. An on-site loading area is proposed to be located on the southern boundary of the site. Vehicle access to the loading area is proposed via Grants Road (entry) and Service Road (exit). The loading area has been designed to cater for vehicles up to and including 8.8m long Medium Rigid Vehicles (MRV).

    No long-term car parking is proposed on the site, instead it is proposed that car parking associated with the development is absorbed within the greater parking supply associated with the airport precinct. 

    How will construction be managed?

    A Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP) will be prepared should the proposed Hotel MDP be approved by the Minister. Any future CEMP for this project will identify impacts from the construction phase and will include:

    ·  Construction traffic

    ·  Pedestrian movement

    ·  Water quality

    ·  Air quality and dust management

    ·  Sediment and erosion control

    ·  Airport operations (eg crane potentially penetrating OLS)

    ·  Construction waste

    ·  Hazardous material

    ·  Cultural heritage