What is the T4 Express Link?

    The T4 Express Link is a new, direct connection from the Tullamarine Freeway into the At Terminal T4 parking hub.

    Creating a more streamlined exit from the Tullamarine Freeway to T4, domestic travellers will no longer need to navigate around a number of roundabouts and busy intersections to make their way to the pick-up, drop-off and parking facilities.

    Why are you building the elevated loop road in stages?

    The elevated loop road will be progressively delivered in an effort to minimise the disruption to ground traffic around the airport.

    How long will it take to build?

    If approved, the T4 Express Link should take approximately 12-15 months to complete.

    Will traffic be disrupted while you are building the T4 Express Link?

    The T4 Express Link works will largely be constructed away from the Tullamarine Freeway to reduce impacts on the travelling public. Some minor disruption is expected within the Long Term Car Park during construction, and critical works such as the lifting of concrete bridge beams will be undertaken overnight to further minimise impacts on motorists and airport passengers.