What is the location of the proposed Wave Park ?

    6 Watson Drive Tullamarine. 

    What is the site at Watson Street currently used for?

    The site is currently occupied by low amenity bushland and grassland that is inaccessible to the public. 

    Will bike parking spaces be provided?

    A total of 18 bicycle parking spaces are proposed to be provided on-site. These spaces will be located adjacent to the front pedestrian entry.

    What facilities and services are included in the proposal?

    The proposal will include a wave park lagoon and cove facility for recreational surfing, a cafe/restaurant, function room and training facilities.

    How will vehicle access be managed at the site?

    Vehicle access to the Wave Park is proposed via a number of locations, as follows:-Entry Vehicle Access: Melrose Drive-Exit Vehicle Access: Melrose Drive-Loading/Staff Vehicle Access: Watson Drive.The public vehicle access points to Melrose Drive will cater for all patron vehicles and buses to the site. The loading vehicle access to Watson Drive will cater for staff car parking and “back of house” deliveries (i.e. including refuse collection, deliveries, facility maintenance, etc.).An additional informal access point is proposed to be provided at Watson Drive to accommodate occasional service vehicle access to the wave park facility.

    How will car parking be managed?

    At-grade car parking is proposed the site, as follows:-Standard Parking Spaces: 148 car spaces-Disabled Parking Spaces: 4 car spaces-Staff Parking Spaces (within back of house area): 30 car spacesThis represents a total of 182 car spaces proposed for the site. Car parking would be available for the day-to-day operation of the facility. Furthermore, an area to accommodate overflow car parking to the north of the car park would be made available if required. This area (3200sqm) could provide an additional 107 car parking spaces.A consultant's inquiry and report carried out for Melbourne Airport confirms that 182 car parks will be capable of accommodating the peak demand of the site.

    Will a pick-up/drop-off area be included?

    A pick-up/drop-off area is proposed to be provided adjacent to the main entrance point. Current plans indicate that one standard sized bus and three vehicles could use this area at any given time.

    How many jobs are expected from the Wave Park?

    A consultant's report that was produced in the planning phase states that he Wave Park will create 402 new jobs and $240 million in long term economic benefit to the local area.